Oh, She’s *not* Vegan aims to empower fellow earthlings to make the transition to a plant-based and more environmentally friendly lifestyle while enjoying the abundance, health, and joy of a lifestyle rooted in kindness.

We’re a plant-based lifestyle blog rooted in sustainable living and love.


Why *not* Vegan?

The vegan movement has grown exponentially over the past few years, but there are still a lot of people who don’t know exactly what a vegan lifestyle is or why anyone would choose it!

If this is you, you’re not alone, and you have nothing to feel ashamed of. In fact, most new vegans admit they never expected to become vegan and express feelings of anger and betrayal at the realization of all that has been hidden in plain sight their entire lives. Edit: You’ll notice a mix of “vegan” and “not vegan” across the site right now. My embracing not-vegan is new, and I’m explaining and updating as I go. I’m only human here, so hang tight while the changes come along. I aim to always be transparent with my journey! Despite no longer claiming that Vegan stamp, my stance on animal abuse and exploitation remains the same.

I love the concept of vegan for three reasons:

  1. For the animals. They literally died to be on our plates, and that’s not okay with me. Simple as that. (& yes, animals are dying and being tortured for dairy and eggs too!)

  2. For the planet. Again, it’s simple. Animal agriculture is the #1 cause of deforestation and climate change in the world today. The amount of food that goes to livestock not only contributes to the destruction of our beautiful planet, but it also comes at the cost of affordable and sustainable food sources for actual humans!

  3. For my health. It’s no secret there are health benefits to going vegan, but that’s not the only reason I cite my health here. Meat and dairy products have always upset my digestion. I’ve learned to pay attention to my body and notice what works for me and what doesn’t.


Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Jessica Pena! I’m the face behind the blog here. Along with blogging, I work as an author and life coach. I’ve been vegetarian since 2011 and was vegan for 2 years before a slip up in 2018! In April of 2019, I realized I was not going to transition back to vegan as I expected.

My journey…

I think it’s really easy in the social media world to get caught up in aesthetic and perfection- which I love as well! But I want new and aspiring plant-based folks to know that it’s okay if it’s not perfect.

Personally, I haven’t been a perfect vegan. I fell off the vegan train when I moved in with a roommate who ate TONS of my favorite non-vegan foods. I was in a rut financially, emotionally, and it was just really tough year for me. Not eating cheese was the last thing on my mind- and along with most of my feelings and the most loving side of my personality, my vegan ethics and mindset were stuffed away.

I’m making a few changes in my habits this time around and I’ve committed to living my values every single day- but I know I won’t do it alone, which is why I’ve created this community!

Are you vegan or trying to live a plant-based lifestyle? OR are you not vegan, but still care about the animals and the planet?

If you’re someone who can have respectful human conversations and who loves to grow as a person and do your part in the world, let’s be friends!


Why Herbalism?

Herbs are freakin’ magical, that’s why!

No, seriously though. Plants are amazing. After spending years studying with The Herbal Academy New England and participating in my own research and studies before, during, and after that incredible immersion into the world of herbalism, I’ve come to a point where I deeply respect plants.

I use herbalism as a blanket term to include pretty much anything made with natural plant materials. I wanted Oh, She’s Vegan to be about more than just the foods we choose not to consume. Veganism is an entire lifestyle when you allow it to be, and for me veganism looks like doing my very best to care for the earth and my body in the most gentle ways possible.

Herbalism on the blog

I share herbal remedies and just generally awesome herbs along with fun ways to consume them. I also share plant-based house cleaning alternatives and beauty products to help keep chemicals out of our homes, which in turn helps to reduce pollution in our ecosystems. Sometimes I’ll share sponsored or affiliate content that helps support this blog- but for the most part I try to share DIY projects.

While vegan + ecofriendly products are awesome, they still require packaging for shipping. It’s best to buy locally and in bulk wherever possible- earning an affiliate income will never take precedence over that in my book.



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