LUSH Haul + Product Reviews

Treat yourself on Valentine’s day- and every day- with these low-impact, minimal waste, vegan beauty products!


I revamped my entire beauty routine with a life-changing Lush haul!

Two years ago, I finally did it- I purchased a Lush bath bomb. Oh my gosh, they are the best! Obviously that’s not all I got though. I left Lush with so many goodies, and I want to share with you my thoughts on some of these low-waste, vegan, hand-made beauty products. Now that I’ve had PLENTY of time to really try these products out and get to know the ins and outs of how the work and last over time, I feel great about sharing my experience on the blog!

Let me first stay this post is NOT sponsored- I’m just a huge Lush fan!! I highly recommend going in to your local Lush store and talking to them about what you're looking for; the Lush team in my store has been amazing at recommending perfect products for me. They even provide samples of  some products. Out of everything I’ve tried, I only have one blahhhh experience to share with you- which I’ll break down below!

Favorite product? THE FACE MASKS!

The mask my Lush team recommended for my skin, which is extremely sensitive, rosy, and gets dry very easily was the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask. This baby is packed full of blueberries, almond oil, rose absolute, and a few other ingredients- it mostly felt like a clay mask but it had a little bit of an exfoliating feel to it when I rinsed it off.

Photo via  LUSH

Photo via LUSH

I also absolutely LOVE the Rosy Cheeks face mask! I was nervous this would actually make my already rosy cheeks really red, but it did the opposite, it soothed the redness for a cute pink glow that looked and felt healthy.

Rosy Cheeks  face mask via  LUSH

Rosy Cheeks face mask via LUSH

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Love Lettuce mask as well and it is honestly incredible- especially in the middle of a summer heat wave!

I'm still eager to try out the Oat Fix mask- let me know if you've ever tried them and what you thought!

Zero-waste magic: THE SHAMPOO BAR

So, I've already been introduced to the wonderful world of shampoo bars, and I'm definitely a fan... but I have to say Lush has taken it to the next level!

The shampoo bar that has most recently stolen my heart is the the Honey I Washed My Hair Bar. (Vegan side note: I do still consume honey in moderation and occasionally use honey in beauty recipes. There are 100% vegan shampoo bar options as well, but this is what works best for me.)

One thing I love about this bar is how long it has lasted me! Each shampoo bar should last around 90 washes.

Aside from the fact that it doesn't waste any paper or plastic on packaging, I love this shampoo bar because it smells heavenly, like honey and sweet orange. It makes my hair feel clean and moist at the same time, and it keeps the frizz down in my curls. That's like an impossible combo. I've been using it for a while now and it doesn't make my hair feel dry or heavy, which I have noticed with other shampoo bars, so I'm giving this little guy two thumbs way up.

I hated it… and then I loved it: THE CONDITIONER BAR

So I tried out two conditioner bars from Lush.

The first one I tried, the Big solid conditioner, was most definitely NOT the bar for me! It was so light that no matter how I tried to apply it, I just couldn't feel it affecting my hair even a tiny bit. If anything, it made my hair feel more dry and awful than before I used conditioner at all.

Now, I hate to bash a Lush product, because I'm such a fan, but this conditioner bar just didn't meet my standards for conditioner. As a body wash however, it was pretty great. Maybe you need to switch the category on this one Lush- it's not a bad product, just a bad conditioner. But that's just my opinion. Who knows, maybe fine straight-haired beauties need something more like this.

So after trying out that conditioner bar for a while and determining that it really wasn't going to work out, I took it back and talked with my local Lush team to see what I should try next. I love the thought of solid conditioner because conditioner packaging is just so wasteful... but I need a product that works, or I'll go right back to plastic bottles of conditioner. The curly hair struggle is real.

The Lush team was super understanding when I told them about my experience, and one awesome miss recommended I try the Jungle solid conditioner bar. She said it was the heaviest of the solid conditioners. This one has avocado, cocoa butter, and bananas- and when she told me that I knew we were already heading in the right direction!

I went through the entire bar and I am absolutely in love with it! It makes my hair feel so soft and it smells just incredible. I'm so glad I went back in to try another product rather than just writing off that entire line of solid conditioners in my mind. Thank you, wonderful Lush girl, you saved a life.

Indulgence: THE BATH BOMBS

You guys, I seriously cannot believe I made it this far in life without ever trying a Lush bath bomb! HOW DID I LET THAT HAPPEN? They totally live up to all the beautiful Instagram photos, gushing reviews, and every good thing I've ever heard about them.

The Guardian of the Forest bath bomb This was the first bath bomb I tried. I was hesitant to waste my money on something that just changes the color of my bath water. Like, really? No thanks.

But then I did…

And it was amazing- it does not just change the color of the bathwater, it changes the whole experience.

My bathroom smelled like some delicious forest paradise for two entire days after I used this  Guardian of the Forest bath bomb. It turned the water a beautiful fizzy green and I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed. And it didn't upset my ridiculously sensitive skin! Miraculous.

So after I had one, I just had to go back for more.

Next I tried out the Intergalactic bath bomb- and let me just say even my sweetheart had some fun with it!

This bomb smells sooooooo good! And it turns the water some crazy colors before settling into a deep sparkly blue. It was worth every penny.

Like, hands down best bath of my life.

I've got my eye on the Sunnyside bubble bar now- supposedly it makes you a gold bubble bath. I'll keep you posted on that one in my next Lush haul.

A cool extra: DUSTING POWDER

Okay, so when I first saw this dusting powder I was seriously confused about what you do with it. The one I saw first was called Silky Underwear, so I was thinking it was like some sort of panty powder- what are girls even doing down there??? I was so confused. But it turns out Silky Underwear is just Lush's quirky name for this incredible jasmine-scented vegan powder that has literally made my entire life 100000% more beautiful.

Photo via  LUSH

Photo via LUSH

I've been dusting this powder everywhere. Like for real, I have a problem. It's in my sheets, on my carpet, on my skin, I even used a tiny bit as a dry shampoo today (it's cornstarch-based, which is what I use for my dry shampoo anyway!), and I may have rubbed a little bit on the pup. hehehe

Despite using it on just about everything I own for over a week, I've barely used up 1/8th of the small bottle. It's proving to be very affordable and I have zero regrets.

It's just amazing, okay? Don't judge me on this one until you get your happy butt into a Lush store and smell it for yourself. I dare you.


So there you have it. Oh, She’s Vegan is a proud lil’ supporter of Lush! Do you have any favorite products from Lush? Have you made any fun memories with your local Lush staff? I used to bee-line it to what I wanted and dread being approached by the staff at Lush… but I’ve come to realize they are actually awesome and super helpful!

Final note- in case you missed it earlier. All of this gushing is 100% my own and I don't receive anything from Lush for sharing their awesome goodies on my blog.

I hope you enjoy treating yourself to some earth- and animal-friendly Lush beauty products this Valentine’s Day.

Love your wonderful self- single or taken! You deserve it.

Edit: Since writing this post, I discovered this post by Plant Based Bride and have decided to commit to cutting honey out at last. Thank you Elizabeth for filling me on the honey details!

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