Why Milk Is Cruel | A Straight-forward Explanation

If you’ve visited this page, I’m assuming you’re here to educate yourself a little more and understand why people go vegan and what is so bad about milk. I want to make it clear that this post is not about you- it’s not to attack or judge you. It’s just the facts, it’s the philosophy I, and many vegans, live by. I hope that you find this information helpful and that you are able to make a decision that aligns with your values and the kind of legacy you want to leave behind in this world.

So, here’s why milk is cruel!

1 | Cows are raped for milk.

As someone who has experienced the horror and pain of rape first hand, I would be down to fight the first person who tries to tell me forcing semen into a female isn’t rape just because she isn’t human. You sit down and imagine what that experience must be like- you imagine it happening to yourself, to your child, to your dog, and then think about why it would be any different for it to be happening to a cow.

It’s not different. Rape is rape. The cow can’t produce milk if she’s not pregnant, and dairy wouldn’t be able to be mass produced and sold by the gallon in grocery stores, gas stations, and everywhere in between if these cows were getting pregnant naturally. It’s not a pretty, happy picture. From a production standpoint, there’s just no other way to do it and get the quantities of dairy out into the public that are being demanded currently.

I shouldn’t need to continue after this. Like that reason should be enough. The fact that it isn’t speaks to a whole other issue in our society which is how normalized and downplayed rape culture is! But that’s for another post.

2 | After she’s raped, her child is taken at birth.

Again, as someone who’s lost a child there is not a doubt in my mind that this is cruel. It’s not different just because she’s an animal. As animals we all have the hormones and natural instincts that bring us to love and protect our young. If you’ve never seen an animal with her newborn babies, I strongly encourage you to find an opportunity to experience and witness this for yourself. Have you ever taken a newborn kitten from the mother to snuggle for a minute? Momma cat tends to freak out a little bit- especially if she doesn’t trust you! It’s no different for cows. Often the grieving mother cows search for their newborns for hours and even days and weeks after giving birth.

For your milk, cheese, and other dairy products, an animal is being raped and having her newborn ripped away from her. And this happens over and over, it never stops because the demand doesn’t stop. How many babies were produced and stolen for the dairy you’ve consumed in your life so far?

(I don’t ask these questions to shame or insult you. I ask them because they matter. They’re the questions we’re not supposed to ask or think about- the questions that make us want to do better and choose differently. They’re questions that help us look at the truth, and it’s in answering these questions that I came to make my own decision to join the vegan movement.)

3 | Dairy is disgusting.

Okay, yeah cheese is delicious, I feel you. BUT… would you drink human breast milk? Would you eat cheese produced by human milk? What about cat milk?

Gross, right?

It’s only “okay” when it’s from a cow because we’ve been taught that it’s normal. From the time we’re little bitty kids we have had “GOT MILK?” shoved down our throats! We’ve been desensitized to how disgusting and weird it is. We’re taught not to think about the bacterial and disgusting infections in the milk that we consume. It’s pasteurized, so it’s safe and clean… never mind all the pus and infection that was hanging out in there. Never mind the cracked and bloody utters the milk was stolen from.

Think about that for a minute, honestly.

“Where are your sources?”

Personally, I hate this question! Not because I don’t have the sources and can’t produce evidence, but because we live in 2019 and the age of the freakin’ world wide web! A 5 year old with a cell phone could verify the information I’ve shared here in less than 10 minutes. So get serious and do your own research. If you really want to understand the problems within the dairy industry, take some personal responsibility. Check out organizations like PETA, look for relevant research studies around the specific questions you have. Block out 3-5 hours this week and watch the vegan documentaries on Netflix. Research any questions they bring up for you.

I’ve been researching animal cruelty and keeping up to date with the vegan movement for so long that these are just facts I know. I’ve learned them in my research hundreds of times over the years, and I no longer need some study or scientist to validate what I know- which is that raping animals is wrong. Stealing babies from animals is wrong. Period. That’s enough for me.

So if you need more than that, I’m all about empowerment- and today I’m empowering you to do your own research and make the choice that makes sense for you.