Bringing Balance and the Elements into Your Bedroom


We live in a time where many people are extremely sensitive to the elements and the energetic “noise” of the space around them- especially their living and sleeping spaces. More and more people struggle to fall asleep, to be able to relax, to breathe fully and deeply as a natural state of being… and a lot of this can be attributed to the excessive noise brought in by modern technology and our collective ways of using technology.

Energetic noise is like white noise, which may ironically be another problem for relaxing. In future posts we’ll discuss ways to tone down the energetic noise of a space, but for now I want to introduce another way to invite balance into your life, especially where you’re sleeping, in order to promote better sleep, more feelings of being grounded, waking up feeling energized and creative, and simply being able to relax and breathe deeply without needing to go on vacation or a spa day or even a beautiful midnight drive in the country (not that you can’t also do those things!).

Nature knows its own balance, and no matter how much humans do to mess it up, she always comes back to herself.

I’m a firm believer that it’s not our incredible planet that needs rescuing right now. It’s our species. Mother earth will go on without us, she already has so much power to heal and she continues to do it every day, but we as a species are destroying the elements of mother earth that we require for our own survival, and who knows if she’s going to regenerate those resources or if we will adapt in time to not be entirely wiped out, honestly. Obviously that’s looking a ways into the future, but my point is that mother nature is the mighty queen of balance and that is why it can be so powerful to bring her elements into your daily life.

We are meant to live in nature. We are animals, and nature shouldn’t just be something we visit. It should be part of our every day lives.

This doesn’t mean we need to live in the mountains all alone or all go join a commune- though I’m guessing we can both agree those are actually pretty fascinating ideas, and not entirely off the table some days.

Instead, we can bring the balance, beauty, and divinity of nature into our daily lives through thoughtful decorating and even gardening.

I recently redesigned my bedroom with the balance and beauty of mother nature in mind, and here are just a few ideas I had for bringing the elements into my bedroom. (I don’t quite have the pictures ready yet, but follow me over on Instagram @ohsheknowsveg to see when they come out!)



To bring earth into the room, I roll with crystals. Lots of them!

If you’re very sensitive you’ll want to be sure you know the source of your crystals and that they are genuine and not man-made. Some of the crystals I purchased when I first started learning about them are synthetic, and while I enjoy them I definitely lean toward more rough and raw types now, but that’s just personal preference. I think a good blend of polished pretty stones and rough ones can really add to the interest and help bring balance to a space.

Some rocks and crystals I keep in my room are…

Jasper for protection and prosperity, amethyst for intuition and spirit, clear quartz, rose quartz, and jade for abundance.



So for air there are a few things I do. One is bringing in the air sign colors, which are grays and sometimes blues. My bedroom is actually painted gray and before doing the redesign, I just felt like there was a very strong, harsh air presence. I toned this down by bringing in the earth elements, and I’m so happy with it.

To bring more of the air element into a space, you can have more open windows- opt for sheer curtains to let more in and out. My windows are very old and let quite a draft in, so the air was always flowing. I love the sheer fabric look, but wanted to save energy and not be freezing all the time through these Idaho winters, so what I’ve done is used a sheer curtain for the inner layer, which I just pinned up.

Then I placed darker gray curtains on the actual rod so I can close them for more privacy or darkness.

I like to open up the windows in my space every week as well, even if it’s really cold I’ll open them just for 2-3 minutes to get some fresh air into my space. It’s a great excuse to make an amazing cup of tea, cider, or cocoa and snuggle up in my fuzziest socks and sweater, so I really don’t mind!

I also live with a roommate, so I have a tendency to become a hermit in my room, and something I’ve been doing is making sure to leave my door open more often, even just for a little bit, to let the space breathe.



There are two ways I bring the fire element into my space, aside from simply adding orange-yellow-red colors.

My favorite way actually combines the earth element, and that’s through my salt lamp. I have a salt lamp and two salt candle holders and I love the orange glow they give my space. I’m actually writing this post early in the morning with the light of my salt lamp. Another thing I love about it is that it’s a soft light I can enjoy for work while my husband sleeps in. He works nights and rotating shifts, and routine is really important for me at times so being able to be up without waking him up or disturbing his sleep is a huge plus.

The other, more obvious way to bring the fire element in is through candles. Just be aware of the ingredients you’re burning or evaporating into your space. I opt for natural soy wax candles whenever I can- though Target does occasionally get me with the seasonal candles. The natural-stuff-movement (it’s official new name) is getting so popular now though that you can find natural candles even at Target sometimes.



For me, water is a part of everything. Water is the key to balance in my mind and body, as well as in my home.

I’ve always wanted a tiny little water fountain in my room, and that definitely didn’t happen with this redesign. Maybe one day! Instead, I bring the water element into my space just by always having some form of liquid around, honestly. Even at night I keep water beside the bed. When I meditate, I like to have the sounds of water or rain or the ocean in the background. I’m very conscious of water energy and I think having it on my mind helps.

Aside from drinks, I don’t have literal water in my space, but I do have lots of natural water in the form of paintings from my sister. She’s painted me a beautiful lighthouse and two mountain scenes with water, so I have a little bit of something water on almost every wall.



While this could be considered part of the earth element, I really felt plants deserve their own category. One thing that I feel really brings balance to a room is the feeling of life through living plants. Currently, I have one small succulent in my room, and that’s it! But come summer and as my budget allows, I plan on bringing in spider plants, a peace lily, snake plants, and an indoor tree of some sort.

I also love different textures of wood- or even just one if you’re not going for a rustic look. I have an old wooden bookshelf my grandpa made when I was a toddler that I just love. I also have a mohagany-looking bookshelf, and this beautiful tree-stump-slice (is there a word for that? lol) painting of a white rose on a charcoal background- with the rough bark still around the edge. I found this beauty on Etsy and I absolutely love it. I’ll share it on IG later this week- so follow @ohsheknowsveg if you want to see it.

I bought it a few years ago, but if I can find the seller on IG I’ll tag her too. :)

If you have furry friends, be careful about which plants you bring into the house. Most orchids and lots of other plants are poisonous to cats. I’ll still keep these, but I make sure they are hanging or wall-mounted so the kitty can’t reach. Even in apartments where you aren’t allowed to put holes in the walls, you can make plants a realistic option using command strips (and that’s an affiliate link, because it works- to read the full affiliate disclaimer you can click here but basically you’re supporting my blog at no extra cost to you when you order through my link).

I used to hate these things, but they’re actually becoming pretty high quality! My roommate recently got these heavy metal things to hold back the living room curtains, and he put them up using command strips- they’re SOLID in place. My mind was blown.

There are a few ideas for bringing the elements into your living space.

I’ll share more on this topic throughout the next few blog posts. We’re going to talk decluttering and cutting down that energetic noise, and also how to bring different herbs and essential oils to a space in a way that feels natural and subtle (or bold, if you like). Let me know if you bring these elements into your living space in other ways, or if you’re struggling with any particular element. I love a challenge!