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How to Get That Instant Healthy Clean Feeling

You know the feeling you get after eating something fresh where you just feel so clean and refreshed? You’re a whole different person for having eaten that salad or drinking that kale smoothie or tasting the ginger tea sample. I’m not the only one who gets this, right?

I’m obsessed with that feeling, and when it comes to staying on track with my vegan goals. Here are a few ways you can get that feeling for less than $10 (some of them are free)!

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Herbs for Common Ailments

Cramps? Try some cramp bark! This can be purchased from health food stores and it is absolutely amazing! It’s great for menstrual cramps, leg cramps, even tongue cramps. This stuff is pretty much liquid gold. (I’ll warn you though, it tastes awful.) Use as directed.

Usually, place several drops under your tongue and hold there for several seconds before swallowing.

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5 Tools Every Herbalist Needs

Herbalist sounds like an intense title, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Being an herbalist can be as simple as keeping a few little herbs on the kitchen window sill and mixing dried herbs into teas or it can be as complex as creating personalized lifestyle plans accounting for diet, exercise, medicinal herbs, and exercises for mental and spiritual health. There's no list of accomplishments required before you can be a "real herbalist."

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Probiotics: The Basics

Probiotics are live bacteria! But like, the "good" kind. Consuming certain probiotic bacteria strains can provide a variety of health benefits. Since they focus on gut health by improving the gut flora (the naturally existing good bacteria in the gut), most of the benefits associated with probiotics are related to digestive health.

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How to Build an Herbal FirstAid Kit

I’ve written this list as a sort of basic guideline, but I highly recommend doing a little research about the plants that grow wild in your area and what their medicinal benefits are to personalize your own natural medicine cabinet. Studies have shown that the plants native to an area tend to have healing properties correlating with the types of ailments that are common in that area.

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