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How to Eat Out Vegan (Without Feeling Weird About It)

Do you ever just get a water because you’re afraid to ask for substitutes and don’t want to “pull out your vegan card” in the middle of a restaurant? Well, first of all, stop that! You’re worth the time it takes to ask a few questions about your meal. Here are some ways to manage the weirdness and still have a great experience.

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A Conversation About Boundaries

Setting a boundary might feel mean or impolite, but it can actually be done from a place of love. Never setting boundaries leads to toxic relationships, bitterness, resentment, exhaustion, overwhelm, frustration, and a massive feeling of being stuck or moving in circles in your life.

If you’re someone who genuinely loves to give and be of service, but you’re feeling exhausted and any sort of resentment, you probably haven’t been setting fair boundaries with yourself or others. So let’s talk about setting boundaries from a space of love…

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Bringing Balance and the Elements into Your Bedroom

We are meant to live in nature. We are animals, and nature shouldn’t just be something we visit. It should be part of our every day lives.

This doesn’t mean we need to live in the mountains all alone or all go join a commune- though I’m guessing we can both agree those are actually pretty fascinating ideas, and not entirely off the table some days. Instead, we can bring the balance, beauty, and divinity of nature into our daily lives through thoughtful decorating and even gardening.

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Journal Entry: WTF am I doing with my life? (& how to answer that question for yourself)

Life has thrown me a few curve balls and my mindset and attitude have really faltered along the way. Today I caught myself asking what to do when your attitude and energy just aren’t working together, and I decided to reflect back on this post and take my own advice. So from me to me (and you), here’s a little advice and insight from the wise and abundantly joyful, brilliant Jessica of early 2016!

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How to Get That Instant Healthy Clean Feeling

You know the feeling you get after eating something fresh where you just feel so clean and refreshed? You’re a whole different person for having eaten that salad or drinking that kale smoothie or tasting the ginger tea sample. I’m not the only one who gets this, right?

I’m obsessed with that feeling, and when it comes to staying on track with my vegan goals. Here are a few ways you can get that feeling for less than $10 (some of them are free)!

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Where’s the line? | Living in the moment while preparing for the future

Obviously we all have goals, hopes, and dreams, and we should probably know things like how we are going to pay our bills and when they come due, when our car is due for an oil change, our best friend’s birthday, and have some sort of plan for retirement or at least a basic savings account… but there’s a line. So let’s talk about drawing and dancing along that line and what makes it worth the effort!

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Creating a Meditation Practice You Love

Sometimes my head feels like a war-zone, but when I practice meditation that feeling of chaos and malice fades away.

I think fancypants perfection-focused meditation is overrated. Meditation can be really fun and satisfying, and you can do it without having thoughts like “I should do ____ better,” “I’m not good at this,” or “am I doing this right?”

You are doing it right. It’s your practice, so whatever you say goes. Here are some easy ways to start crafting a more playful meditation practice that helps you feel free and grounded, instead of restricted.

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