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Bringing Balance and the Elements into Your Bedroom

We are meant to live in nature. We are animals, and nature shouldn’t just be something we visit. It should be part of our every day lives.

This doesn’t mean we need to live in the mountains all alone or all go join a commune- though I’m guessing we can both agree those are actually pretty fascinating ideas, and not entirely off the table some days. Instead, we can bring the balance, beauty, and divinity of nature into our daily lives through thoughtful decorating and even gardening.

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How to Get That Instant Healthy Clean Feeling

You know the feeling you get after eating something fresh where you just feel so clean and refreshed? You’re a whole different person for having eaten that salad or drinking that kale smoothie or tasting the ginger tea sample. I’m not the only one who gets this, right?

I’m obsessed with that feeling, and when it comes to staying on track with my vegan goals. Here are a few ways you can get that feeling for less than $10 (some of them are free)!

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Herbs for Common Ailments

Cramps? Try some cramp bark! This can be purchased from health food stores and it is absolutely amazing! It’s great for menstrual cramps, leg cramps, even tongue cramps. This stuff is pretty much liquid gold. (I’ll warn you though, it tastes awful.) Use as directed.

Usually, place several drops under your tongue and hold there for several seconds before swallowing.

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How to Have Naturally Healthy Skin

(That’s my actual face up there, hi! ^ )

I feel like healthy skin is one of the few things in life that isn’t under- or over-rated. Healthy skin looks and feels wonderful, but it also tends to be an outer reflection of what’s going on inside. I know the times when my skin is naturally glowing and clear, I’m feeling my best inside- both physically and emotionally.

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DIY Herbal Hair Detangler

It's another day in paradise, especially if your hair isn't all tangled and messy, am I right? After reading a few other recipes and checking the ingredients on some of my favorite commercial herbal hair detanglers, I came up with this recipe for my very own wavy-curly hair herbal detangler.

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