How to Bring Nature into Your Home | 3 Easy + Affordable Ways


I recently finished moving! Now that I’ve finished decorating the new place, I want to share some tips for bringing a natural, living vibe into your own home.

This move was something chaotic that came much sooner than expected. My budget for home decor was literally $0! So I used what I already had to make our home a beautiful space that feels full of life, equal parts tranquil and energizing, and aesthetically suiting to my little family who lives here. Here are some ideas that really helped bring it all together.

1 | Plants, plants, plants!

Photo by  Shelby Miller  on  Unsplash

Honestly, you don’t have to go buy a bunch of plants. If I had the budget for it, I totally would have!! But it’s not a must. Instead, get creative with what you already have. Do you have natural wood furniture? I have a wooden jewelry box, a wooden TV stand, and a cat tree covered in a natural tan rope… along with my 3 teeny little succulents, this was plenty to bring some plant-vibes into our home.

Decorating tip: When you’re decorating, keep the energy yo want to create in a space at the front of your mind. Worry about wall colors, artwork, aesthetic furniture, etc. at the end. Otherwise you may just end up over-neutralizing your style and you’ll feel so bored with it!

I placed the plant-vibed stuff in places where my eye would naturally gravitate toward them. I made sure the wood was beautifully exposed, not tucked away in a corner somewhere or hiding under cloths or piles of books. Then I sprinkled stones and little trinkets of things I really love all around. When you walk into my home, the first things you really see are my stones and plants even though there are hardly any!

Photo by  Ilze Lucero  on  Unsplash

Photo by Ilze Lucero on Unsplash

Earth! Rocks, crystals, & pottery!

My next tip is to bring in some hearty earth-stuffs. These can be crystals- luckily I already have quite the collection, but not all of the ones I used were purchased from stores. I have several that I found on adventures in the forest and desert over the years- they’re roughed up and they are a MOOD! Don’t be afraid to look for the beauty in things that others may not see right away.

I love pottery, and over the years I’ve collected a nice couple pots and jars from thrift stores. Part of how I bring that grounded earthy vibe into my home is by displaying the pottery in a way that looks subtle but is actually impossible to miss! For instance, I have a yellow honey pot with bees on it, and I placed it in a darker shelf to brighten the space and draw the eye. I have a ceramic nasal rinse pot that is perfect for this as well! Incense holders, flower pots, cute little bowls (you can use them to hold your keys or chargers!), and salt lamps are great options as well. I find that too much earthy stuff in one area can feel blocked off, I prefer to scatter the stones and pottery around the room. Get playful with it!

Photo by  Dane Deaner  on  Unsplash

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Furry Fabrics, Rope, and other textures.

This tip is one of my favorites because I am OBSESSED with fuzzy blankets and pillows. Find some faux fur blankets, pillows, or little rugs if you don’t have any. They’re amazing and you’ll probably love them for a very long time.

I had quite a few and didn’t need to go shopping for them. I also love the effect our naturally-tan colored cat tree impacted the room, like I said earlier. The rope and carpet actually look like an intentional part of the room, not just dirty and out of place like they did in the ridiculously neutral home we shared with a roommate before this move.

My little sister is an incredible painter, and our living room is adorned with lots of her canvas paintings of mountains and sky scenery- the canvas texture PLUS the beautiful nature art are the perfect touch for our little home. Consider bringing in a tapestry or some canvas paintings, or even pictures in bamboo or other wood frames. Natural textures can blend beautifully, so don’t be afraid to try them out.

A final tip to spare your design budget:

I always shop thrift stores first and I recommend you do the same!! Be careful purchasing used fabrics, I know locally we have an issue with bedbugs in thrift stores, so that’s a big NOPE for me, but frames, furniture, pottery, and really anything that isn’t fabric can be so much cheaper- and sometimes you will find the COOLEST treasures. Grab $10-50 and head to a thrift store. See what lights you up, and if you find any treasures be sure to share and tag me on Instagram @ohsheknowsveg so I can gush over them with you. I love thrift store finds.



Written by Jessica Pena

Author of Embrace Yourself

Jessica lives a love-centered lifestyle with her husband, three rescue dogs, and chubby cat Elsa. She is a writer at heart and she has been vegetarian for over 8 years. “I’m just coming back to the vegan world in 2019 after about a 1 year break. It felt horrible shutting down my feelings and the horrible truth about the dairy industry for an entire year. I’m happy to be coming back to myself and living my values again.”

Jessica runs Lilacs in Paradise lifestyle and coaching blog and spends her days writing, practicing yoga (playfully, she adds), creating herbal teas, and learning her way around a vegan kitchen.

“Growing up on Ramen Noodles and Hamburger Helper, learning to cook with actual spices, vegetables, nuts, and seeds has been a thrilling adventure. I’m not a 5-star chef, but I did make the best burrito known to womankind once,” she giggles.

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