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(Unfortunately, my original photos from the 2014 blog post have fallen into the abyss of the interweb. Instead, here’s a shot from  Pacha Soap Co. on Instagram ! That one on the bottom left is the almond one I love so much!!)

(Unfortunately, my original photos from the 2014 blog post have fallen into the abyss of the interweb. Instead, here’s a shot from Pacha Soap Co. on Instagram! That one on the bottom left is the almond one I love so much!!)

- Pacha Soap Co.


(This is a repost from my Lilacs in Paradise blog. While it’s not sponsored, I am completely in love with this brand- I actually wrote this post back in 2014-ish and I still use these soaps almost exclusively today- 2019! Here’s the original post!)


When is the last time you washed your hands? Did you enjoy it?

I know I did!

Yes, I’m a total soap nerd, moving on.

What’s the point of soap that doesn’t make you freakin’ happy? You think kids want to use soap just because it keeps germs away? Hell no, they wanna use soap cause it feels awesome, cause it smells good, cause it makes a mess… while also making them clean. DUH. Now stop being a boring adult for two seconds and imagine enjoying soap as much as that devious little four year old in your life. You with me? Good.

I have two crazy important words for you. Pacha Soap. This stuff is amazing! It’s literally my favorite soap in the entire world, it makes my heart SO happy using this stuff. Pacha Soap Co. isn’t giving me anything for writing this post, I just really love their stuff this much.

Look at this beautiful, earthy goodness.

Pacha Soaps smell heavenly (or earthly, depending on which one you pick, obviously). They make such a rich and soft lather, they are gentle enough to be used on even my (ridiculously sensitive) face, my hands, and fresh tattoos. They do their job and leave everything squeaky clean without drying out my skin. The bars also last forever! I’ve had the same bar of French Lavender Pacha Soap in my shower for about two months now (Is that gross? Whatever, I love it!) and it’s still going strong. I don’t buy any other hand, body, or face soap because this stuff just does everything I need. Even my husband is thrilled with it and stopped using his Axe body wash to use these babies instead. Pacha Soap bars are perfection. They’re natural, they’re vegan (*except for two of their recipes, noted below) and cruelty-free, and I’m in love. I recently started working at Whole Foods Market, and I seriously can’t resist the urge to pick up a bar and sniff it every time I walk past the Pacha Soap display. I have a problem... a glorious problem.

Along with creating the best damn soap in the universe, Pacha Soap Co. is a company I am 110% proud to stand behind.

They are a small startup company located in Hastings, NE (USA). All of their bars except for the Almond Goat Milk bar and the Frankincense and Myrrh bar are vegan (these two bars contain goat milk, which comes from goats in a farm right down the road from Pacha Soap Co. They actually took a little field trip to meet the goats, fun right?!). The bars have minimal packaging (in fact, Whole Foods Market sells them as raw bars with no packaging at all, and just the option to put them in a little brown paper bag), which means minimal waste! Vegan AND low-impact? What even?! I KNOW!

Pacha Soap Co. is a mission driven company. Along with scouring their website and the website of Imagine Burundi, a program they work alongside to help the people of Burundi, I’ve discussed their humanitarian efforts via email and I am loving every morsel of information I’ve gathered thus far! Here’s what they have to say:

“We at Pacha Soap are on a mission to make the finest products available and to promote health and well-being around the world. Through our Raise the Bar campaign, for every bar of Pacha Soap purchased, a bar is given to someone in need.”


As beautiful as that sounds, I couldn’t resist- I dug deeper.

It turns out Pacha Soap Co. support shops in Burundi where men and women have careers making and selling soap bars in their communities.

They also provide free bars of soaps in Burundi schools, and they have even worked out methods for keeping those bars of soap in schools and not being sold on the streets. Check out their website at for more information and to purchase- or visit Whole Foods, which is where I usually get mine. They don’t come in any packaging, just the raw bar and that’s exactly how I like it!

Intense, right?

If you haven’t already figured it out, I’m seriously recommending you give these amazing soap bars a chance and support the awesome company behind them! They have options for ordering online, or if you’re close to a Whole Foods, there should be a big Pacha Soap display conveniently at your disposal. Go sniff up all those yummy soaps and pick up a couple bars you fall in love with. Trust me, you will fall in love with them.

Have you ever tried Patcha Soap? They’re like those GOOD bars except like 1,000 times better, right? ;)
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