My Top 5 Favorite Vegans on Instagram

We all need some vegan inspo once in a while, and these are my favorite 5 IG accounts to check out when I’m struggling with sticking to my vegan choices, missing making really awesome meals but not sure where to start, or when I just need to feel like I have an actual vegan friend for a sec.

The no-vegan-friends-irl struggle is REAL.

1 | Radhi @Veggieveganveta

Radhi Devlukia-Shetty is a plant-based dietitian and Ayurveda expert. I first discovered her through an interview in her husband Jay Shetty’s On Purpose Podcast. They are absolutely adorable and I just can’t get enough of her!

2 | Sadia @Pickuplimes

Sadia Badiei is another plant based dietitian I have so much love and respect for. She’s the creator of the Pick Up Limes Youtube empire! I’ve been part of her Youtube community for years and I love the simple recipes and lifestyle tips she shares. She’s made being plant-based so much more fun and tasty!

3 | Jack @rawtropicalliving

Jack Albritton’s perspective and voice in the vegan community is so refreshing! He’s a joy to have in my feed and his posts always make me smile. If you have a good sense of humor and love nicecream and raw fruit, you’ll enjoy his feed. He also has a Youtube channel and a website.

4 | Yovana @Rawvana

Yovana Mendoze Ayres is the vegan yogi and influencer I turn to when I’m feeling underwhelmed in life and need a little pick-me-up. Her feed is more curated than the others I’ve shared so far, and she does a beautiful job with it. If you’re looking for vegan lifestyle, fitness inspo, and a little nudge in your motivation to get fit and feel fresh, Rawvana’s probably your girl! She does lots of live streams and also has a Youtube channel and eBooks available.

5 | Laura @Raisingvegankids

So… I don’t have kids, but I love this feed. It’s a beautiful look inside a “normal” vegan life, without those highly curated feeds you see in the health and fitness niches. I love following Laura LeeAnn because her uplifting and grounded feed reminds me that it’s okay- and really incredible- to just BE the wonderful human beings we are.

So there are my 5 favorite plant-based Instagram accounts! You can also find Oh She’s Vegan on Instagram @OhSheKnowsVeg (wondering why the name is different? Someone who doesn’t even use ohshesvegan has the name claimed. Just our luck :P We made the best of it.)