What I Love About Being Vegan


A stream of consciousness on the perks of veganism and why I love this lifestyle… If you’re looking for inspiration or just feeling a little lonely and wanting someone to relate to, this post is for you.

I love being vegan because I feel so much better.

I feel better about myself ethically, physically, emotionally… I feel more confident. It feels amazing to stand for something that I know to be true and right. There’s no way anyone can really argue that killing animals is moral… Or at least if they do, there’s just no way I could ever accept that truth in my own life… and I love living in a way that promotes love and healing and kindness in the world. A vegan lifestyle doesn’t necessarily have to be all love and light and such, but I do my best to make sure that is the way I’m living my life, and to me being vegan is just an obvious step in that direction.

I am proud of the way being vegan has taught me how to stand up for myself, share my preferences, and use my voice.

Especially as a woman and as a survivor of child abuse, I’ve found it really difficult to speak up and be able to set boundaries at certain points in my life. When I’m speaking up about my preferences for food, it feels good to know that I have the strength and confidence to make my needs and desires known, even when it’s as simple as asking for spaghetti sauce without ground beef in it or something.

Since going vegan, I’ve learned to be so much more grateful.

I find myself feeling grateful for the most perfectly ripe fruits, for frozen broccoli, for the water I drink, for the life I get to live. I’ve met amazing friends and learned to see the world through more kind, gentle, and loving eyes. I’ve also discovered a ferocity in myself that I didn’t know existed, like when I stood up to an old roommate over the way he neglected his animals. That ended up being a major turning point in my life and truly changed how my entire future has unfolded to this point.

I love being vegan because I finally feel at home in my body.

I’m no stranger to feeling ashamed and unworthy in life, and while I’ve taken massive steps to overcome this lack of confidence on an inner level, taking these active steps to live a cruelty-free life where I don’t continue to spread the kind of abuse and pain that was inflicted on me as a child… that’s been huge for my sense of self-worth and purpose in this world. It’s been so empowering to understand how deeply even the most simple choices really impact the world. I may only be one person, only one vegan, but I’m making ripples of my own and that’s something to be proud of. Every bit of love and kindness we spread in the world is something to celebrate.

I don’t feel like being vegan has been about loss or deprivation.

Since going vegan, I’ve learned about SO many types of food I never would have heard of before. I’ve learned how to cook with actual herbs and spices, rather than just using salt, pepper, and cheese to flavor my whole life. I’ve discovered new ways of thinking and seeing the world, learned to volunteer and spend time on something larger than myself (like this blog!). I’ve become more interested in cooking and living a healthy lifestyle and I’ve learned about sustainably sourced ingredients and worker’s rights and come to understand where a lot of my products are produced- even beyond food. I’ve learned to take personal responsibility for my actions and also for the times I fail to act, which is also an act. In doing this, I’ve realized just how much I am a co-creator of my life. I’m very much in the driver’s seat and it feels amazing to be consciously making my own decisions and owning up to my power in life! Now that I know it’s there, I’m able to use it consciously to create a powerful impact in the world, one ripple at a time. That’s the greatest gift.

What do YOU love about being vegan? Let me know and share this post, let’s start a conversation!