Collaborations, Sponsored Posts, and Affiliate Offers

Hey there!

Thank you for thinking of us with your collaboration offer. We are interested in these offers, but would like to lay down some basic guidelines to save us both some time.

We only support products that are 100% vegan! This means no animal testing and no animal products whatsoever.

We love hearing about small changes along the way to a most sustainable society and we are cheering you on for every effort in that direction, but we only promote companies who meet this strict guideline 100%!

If you meet these standards and feel that collaboration would be beneficial to both of us and our respective audiences, please reach out to us using the form below. We keep a close eye on our emails and will be in touch within 3-5 days!

Thank you!

Oh, She’s Vegan!

Collaboration Request Form

Please include compensation in your message. Vague requests without specific requests and suggested compensation will not be considered. (If you're just looking to collaborate for fun, that's great- we just like to know up front.)